Sunday, April 25, 2010

Final Exam......Winter 2010

I wish : TO all ADPians, Gud Luck for will coming...our lovely Final Exam...
Ples pray for my success k =D

Winter 2010 : pHYSICs : Monday - 26/4
: Calculus 271 : Wednesday - 28/4
: Macro economy : Friday - 30/4
: Wrel : Friday - 30/4

So scared........
Insyallah, I can do it...

"To compete in a global economy, our students must continue their education beyond high school. To make this expectation a reality, we must give students the tools they need to succeed, including the opportunity to take a college entrance exam. "

Friday, April 9, 2010

Book Of Life

By understanding and obeying the Quran' in our setting, we will find it, as far as possible, as much contemporary event for ourselves as it was then.

For the essence of man has not changed; it is immutable,

Only man externalities- the forms, the modes, the technologies- have changed.

The pagans of Mecca may be no more, nor the Jewish or Yathrib, nor the Christians of Najran, nor even the "faithful" and the "unfaithful" of the community at Medina;

But the same characters exists all around us.

We are human beings exactly as the first recipients were, even though many find it extremely difficult to grapple with the deep implications of this very simple TRUTH.

Once you realize these truths and follow them,
Once you come to the Quran as the first believers did,
it may reveal to you as it did to them,
make partners of you as it did of them.

And only then,
instead of being a mere revered book,
a sacred fossil, or a source of magic-like blessing,

it will change into a mighty force,
impinging, stirring, moving and
GUiding us to deeper and higher achievements, just as it did before..

kata-kata dipetik dari buku Jalan Menuju al-Quran karangan Khurram Murad ( translated)

Friday, April 2, 2010

7 Mistakes

Time is passing day by day. Final for Winter 2010 still waiting for me. Its just 2/3 weeks left. I have no enough prep to get into that "war". Seriously, I havent prepared at all. But, I need it! YA, i NEED! But, Its ok, lets talk bout d topic. When I wrote the word ISA for this post, I felt that " Am I right? I just scared bout the ppl will misinterpretation those words in this view. Lah...for what nak misinterpretation while I said bout the right things and the meaning had clearly delivered.Right? >.< ( but, it seems more to one side >_<)!!!

Last month, I had came for one talk bout this "hot" issue. Yeah, hot and spicy chicken. huhu. At first, I tot that talk gonna be like other talk, talking bout same things, bla, bla, bla, bla, and bla. ( hope u guyz know what I meant for that). BUT, that talk was amazing and totally different. Theres no more campaigning to cast d vote for them( this's not a party k), no more bias and d last thing no more menjerit2x..huhu . That speaker just let us think the best way in order to develop this country together among us.

The speaker had started d day by let us know the history of ISA; Internal Security Act. Hows d chronology bout this event. But, thats not interesting at all for my view. I love to tell d ppl bout this, YEAH! bout WHATS WRONG WITH ISA. Some ppl really extremed to abolish this act, but nothing knowledge at all tentang bnda ni.( Just be pak turut for some party).

In the democratic country, every person has a right to defend himself in court of law. But, this act had purposely hide that fact that everybody has d right!

When the executive branch had decided any decision for something, the court has no power at all to question back and review what are purposes and reasons behind those decision. Do you think its fair for us?

Every thing they made, it will underground. Nobody knows even do UR are d family of one of DETAINEES. So cruel for me. Its super track activity.

This act has no specific period at all. It depends on the executive branch ( specifically PM). Let view this chronology, when MAHATHIR be a prime minister, he had purposely to release some ppl that under this act, and time was goes on..and PAK LAH and NAJIB DIIIIDDDDD d same thing. So, 100% decision on the executive decision. ....? And nothing illegal bout those things.

It was scaring when there are not 'baik-baik' treatment in that place LAH! no more budi bahasa budaya kita? HUHU.. they had promoted but, they havent apply it >.<.! No person cant describe how the terrible in that space. The speaker said that, If WE were them, no more intention to stay in this cruel world! Argghhhhh!

These Article had stated that every person must have a legal access in their own choice .

This act had against alleged those involved with counterfeiting, falsifying documents and human trafficking, and uses for political purpose....


So, the government needs to come out with some specific ideas how to deal with specific issues. E/G : exact specific legislation to deal with with terrorism.
Then, strictly define grounds for detection, provide the limit for legislation after which automatically repealed unless there is legislative action is taken .


Hopefully, this information is helpful