Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I love them so much

Today, when I opened book my FB ( facebook), there was a notification. it was written like this "Nurliyana Abdul Rahman had tagged a photo of you"...she is my sister.. I was wonder what "picture/s" that she had taken with me recently...its ok.... I was thinking to see it lah kan...
WOW! made me amazed...
see this.... it was edited by her.... all my siblings.. this picture mcm made me terharu sgt...

this post just wanna says that I love them so much.. No matter what happens, its a endless loves..... in my life.

To be frank, I never post something about family before, here it is....

LOVE U ALL ,,,,,,,, she had made some quote for that pic :
" we are born to love each other"!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

What time is it? its holiday lah!!

For this time, Winter 2010 holiday : I had no plan at all bout my activities ( x kan nak goyang kaki until the summer? ) =), At first, I was thinking to find out any part time job...but, its me, Irfan....too choosy sgt... till now, no job at all ( am i consider as unemployed? hahah).

BUT......u know, now, I got some activities to do.....I now preparing a "better Irfan",,,,,,

Wish me Gud Luck, and Insyallah, ALLAH blesses us..