Thursday, March 4, 2010

Syukran Ya Akhi!

When I was frustrating with my Calculus quiz today, I got a text(sms). Oh! Message from Abang Ashraf. Read Now? Those words were appeared that time. I was smiling. I guess i know what d message means. Yeah! Exactly what I had expected. We all gonna have a Islamic cycle today, as usual after Maghrib Prayer. The text does not looks different as others message that I had gotten from him. So, I did not expected anything different in today's discussion. But frankly, I was excited to have it. I reallllly miss the moment after a couple of weeks of holidays ( CNY and Maulidur Rasul)

The story was began when I had met him today. He had introduced me with somebody else. His name is .......( dunt remmber act) huhu >_<. Then, we start our plan as usual We had opened ceremony with recetion of the quran.. Everything seems like no different at all. The climax was when he said that he have the announcement to make. We gonna change our naqib... shocked.wE didnt expect at all... And that he gonna marry..finally!>_< congratz ="))">0-0 (I realized that I'm not a perfect person, so, I might be did something wrong to him.) oSO, I wanna say that

" Selamat Pengantin Baru, sEmoga Bebahagia kE akhir Hayat. And have a blast"

1 more time, thanks a lot, abng ashraf, halalkan ilmu semula. Seriously I had enjoy in the moment with him despite get some reminds about how to survive correctly in term of the way of life, yeah. A good reminder....He was so inspiring for me. Such a well-graduated, understanding the ppl, actively in a NGO, well-rounded people in d same time ISLAM is his only way of this life.
Actually, the best part that make me really amazed with him that he had no some kind like of sekolah agama backgrounds, but still embark n continue on d journey! tHNKS for d sweets memories in Taylor...being a part of my life was really amazing.

p/s : Abang Ashraf. (the left)Resources FB Tengku Ashraf, I dun t knw whos the right guy

"we need to get some constant reminders to sustain d iman."
"everybody has their own strengths, just learn from other bout their strength"
"We cant predict the future, but we can have some guidance in future"
"tEngKu Ashraf"

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Ir Helmi da Great said...

yeah, im gonna miss him so much. :'(
2 years with him seems not enough rite?

btw, u can edit the pic.